Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adios Jenna! (aka Air Force cake)

My friend Jenna is in the Air Force and is being stationed in England...she's leaving Friday so we decided to have a going away party! And, of course, I wanted to surprise her with a cake :)

Chocolate and yellow butter cake layers with cheesecake mousse filling.

Speaking of cheesecake mousse...don't frost a cake with it if you plan on covering it in fondant. It is too wet and makes your fondant turn sticky and it kind of slides around. That makes your cake bumpy.

Lesson learned.

It still tasted yummy.

Oh...and another word for the wise: If you buy your spices and other baking staples in bulk...LABEL THEM. Otherwise your chocolate cake might not taste like chocolate. I'm not sure what I put it in...but I don't think it was cocoa powder. Everyone said it tasted "Christmas-y". Hahaha!

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