Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cupcake Camp--with Bakerella!!!

Ack! Sorry It's been so stinking long since I posted anything. I've been busy baking, sewing, mothering, wife..ing? Okay that's not really a word, but life took over and I got busy. But I'm back and I have pictures to share!!!!

A few weeks ago I had the best time at Cupcake Camp. Huh? Yeah. That's right...I said cupcake camp. It was SO much fun! And best of all I met Bakerella. She is quite possibly one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. So humble too!
(pay no attention to the geeked out, crazy-eyed girl on the right)

She showed us all of her neat tricks to making awesome cakepops!

How to crumble your cake and make sure there are no lumps...

How to turn your rolled cake ball into a cupcake shape...

How to dip them and stick them...

And, of course...decorate them!

She showed us all of her prefered supplies....we even got to help make some cute pops!

That little ghosty is the one I made:

I had so much fun, got my Cake Pops book autographed and one for my sister too! She was too swollen and doped up on painkillers to attend with me.
 Word to the wise: don't put off getting your wisdom teeth out...it only gets worse.

I've been testing out different cake/frosting combos and making some cute cakepops lately. I will be posting some soon!

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